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Welcome to EEGpedia,
A site to improve knowledge of Electroencephalography in an easy and clear way.
Designed by neurologists for medical professionals who come into contact with EEG's
EEGpedia has a growing number of visitors from around the world
Coming soon: EMGpedia.

Martin Herklots, MD
Neurologist, Jessa Hospital, Hasselt

Normal EEG

Normal waves

Normal variants

Rhythmic patterns

Epileptiform like patterns


EEG during sleep


Different kinds of artifacts

Abnormal EEG

Epilepsy syndromes


Martin Herklots, MD
Neurologist, Jessa hospital, Hasselt, Belgium
Founder and author
Geert Brekelmans, MD, PhD
Neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist, ETZ hospital, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Author and EEG examples
Bas Jongbloed, MD
Neurologist, ADRZ hospital, Goes, The Netherlands

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