SREDA (subclinical rhythmic electrographic discharges in adults)

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SREDA (Subclinical rhythmic electrographic discharge in adults)

  • Abrupt onset and termination of sharp rhythmic theta rhythm of 5-7Hz
  • Constant frequency
  • Duration of 40-80 sec
  • Located Parietal and Posterior temporal
  • Bilateral and synchronous, symmetrical (however sometimes unilateral)
  • No change in localization of frequency
  • Present in wakefulness, drowsiness, stage II sleep
  • Trigger: Hyperventilation
  • Usually in people >50 years
  • Uncommon (incidence <0.05%)

  • Not associated with epilepsy

SREDA: bilateral synchronous parietotemporal sharp theta rhythm (double banana)

SREDA (double banana).png