Non-REM 2

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  • Most common sleep stage during a normal night’s sleep.
  • Appearance of sleep spindles
    • Short burst of waxing and waning rhythmic waves.
    • Amplitude of 20-100 microvolt.
    • Frequency of 12-16 Hz
    • The presence of sleep spindles is necessary and sufficient to define non REM 2 sleep
    • First appear in infants of 6-8 weeks old
    • Bilateral and synchronous
    • Maximum in the frontal and central regions
  • Appearance of K complex
  • Appearance of <20% Delta waves
  • All sleep patterns in Non-REM 1 persist in Non-REM 2, except for slow rolling eye movements (SREM).

Non REM 2 sleep with sleepspindles, K-complex and delta waves (average) Sleep non REM 2 (average) EEGpedia2.png