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14 & 6 Hz positive bursts4 Hz vertex rhythm6 Hz spike-and-wave bursts (WHAM and FOLD)
Angelman syndromeBenign Myoclonic Epilepsy in InfancyBenign childhood Epilepsy with CentroTemporal Spikes (=BECTS) or Rolandic epilepsy
Beta rhythmBreach rhythmBreathing artifact
CSWS (Continuous spike and wave during slow wave sleep)Childhood Absence EpilepsyDelta waves
ECG artifactEEG of the monthEye blink artifact
Eye movements artifactFIRDA (frontal intermittent rhythmic delta activity)Fast alpha variant
Frontal arousal rhythmGPD (Generalized periodic discharges)Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy
K complexLPD (lateralized periodic discharges)Lambda waves
Lennox Gastaut SyndromeMain Page
Midline theta rhythm (Ciganek)Mu rhythmMuscle artifact
Non-REM 1Non-REM 2Non-REM 3
Normal slowing during hyperventilationPOSTS (Positive occipital sharp transients of sleep)Panayiotopoulos Syndrome
Photoparoxysmal responsePolyspikes slow wave complexPulse artifact
REM sleepRMTD (rhythmic midtemporal theta burst of drowsiness)SIRPID (Stimulus Induced Rhythmic, Periodic, or Ictal Discharges)
SREDA (subclinical rhythmic electrographic discharges in adults)Sharp wave slow wave complexSleep overview
Slow alpha variantSmall sharp spikes (SSS of BETS)Small sharp spikes (SSS or BETS)
Spike slow wave complexSpikes and sharp wavesStatus epilepticus
Sweat artifactTIRDA (temporal intermittent rhythmic delta activity)Theta rhythm
Vertex wavesWest Syndrome (Infantile Spasm)Wicket spikes
Zeta waves